The Search For A Simple C++ Unit Tester : GoogleTest

For a full list of my adventures in search of a c++ unit tester, return to the main page here. This section will focus on one candidate: GoogleTest.


Documentation: GoogleTest


Downloaded the source and followed the instructions in the README file. They were a little confusing, but worked perfectly.

Run An Example

After reading the documentation, I felt able to write my own test file from scratch. However, compiling the test turned out to be an awful ordeal. Perhaps I just didn’t find the right documentation page, but it took¬†forever to figure out exactly what I needed. Eventually, I realized I needed the gtest_main.a library, which is made using the make/Makefile or by the following commands:

g++ -I../include -I.. -g -Wall -Wextra -c ../src/
g++ -I../include -I.. -g -Wall -Wextra -c ../src/
ar rv gtest_main.a gtest-all.o gtest_main.o

From there, I could make my own test files using:

~/gtest-1.6.0/myclass% make
g++ -c -g -Wall -Wextra myclass.cpp
g++ -I../include -g -Wall -Wextra -c mytester.cpp
g++ -I../include -g -Wall -Wextra -lpthread myclass.o mytest.o gtest_main.a -o googletest


  • Great documentation!
  • Helper functions allowed within a test (although you would have to use messages to create a useful backtrace)
  • Lots of useful functions (ASSERT vs EXPECT, cstring comparisons, neq)
  • Output is color coded!! (at least, in my terminal window)
  • Makefile gets a bit complicated
  • Output presents a lot of information. Possibly more than needed

Rating: 9

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